A Monumental Tree

Photo Challenge: Monument

In Northern Canada there used to be forests filled with giant white pine trees, now however over the years loggers have cut many of them down. There is one still standing not far from my house, it is easy to spot because it stands 30m higher than everything else. Nicknamed “The Big Tree”, it has become a monument to all who live on the lake, people have even put several plaques in remembrance for those who lived and died while living on the lake’s banks. The Big Tree is our monument.

A 200 year old white pine, nicknamed "The Big Tree "

A 200 year old white pine, nicknamed “The Big Tree “

Winters Grasp

I went for a walk the other day near my house. My goal was to capture Spring, and the rebirth of nature. However I was surprised to find winter’s grasp still clinging on, the snow and ice hiding in shadows. I decided to try and capture the last of Winter instead of the beginning of spring. Enjoy.





A Walk in Winter

Just after New Years I decided to go for a stroll, my house is out in the bush, on a lake. This makes for awesome winter walks and great summer afternoons. I took my camera and tried to capture the -30 degree day as best I could.

DSC_0192The snow was deep, over 3 feet. Every step was work, but every step was worth it. The crevasses in the snow show a frozen world under the snow. DSC_0171



DSC_0189  I love the way snow forms. There is a sense of wonder brought on while looking at the shapes created by the snow.

DSC_0228 The serpents of winter show themselves. They prefer to hang around on branches during the day. At night they dive back into the frozen depths.



A frosted toad stool. DSC_0256