Brooklyn Nine-Nine… Hilarious

School is coming to close and exams loom in the distance, it is my final year of university and I just finished a week from hell. An assignment due every day of the week, several of them being 3,000+ word essays, not much fun. Anyways I took a weekend off after that brutal week, I watched a new show that a friend recommended to me, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Hilarious! This show is probably my new favourite comedy, rarely do I get hooked so fast, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I watched the whole season in 2 days! This show is about a group of detectives, the lead or main character being played by Andy Samberg. It is a great new show and I highly recommend it.

It’s a genuinely funny and I am glad that more comedies are being created without the need for laugh tracks or other sitcom-esque features. I can’t wait for the next season to start… which unfortunately won’t be until the fall, but at least there is a show to look forward to, since many of the comedies on tv seem to be dwindling (Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Community etc)

How I Met Your Mother’s Final Goodbye

How I Met Your Mother concluded this week. It was a decent ending to what used to be a fantastic show. I used to love HIMYM, it was my favourite show, then came the 6th season… ever since it has steadily gone downhill, I still watched every episode and I wanted to love it, but unfortunately I was disappointed an awful lot. This series finale was supposed to bring everything to a close and answer all sorts of questions, but honestly it felt a bit silly in the end. The mother was a great character and she fit in with the gang so well but then she was taken away so quickly it felt stupid. I wanted Ted to be so happy and find his true love and all that stuff, then he finally finds it after 9 seasons, and then she gets taken away in that same episode. I don’t want to say I felt betrayed but it honestly made it feel silly. Ted was meant for Tracy not Robin.

How I Met Your Mother used to be such a great show, unfortunately it made a mistake I think is too often made by American TV, it went on too long. I have watched a lot of different TV shows, and I find with British television often there are too few episodes and seasons, one of the greatest shows ever in my opinion is Faulty Towers, it only had two seasons, two amazing seasons. American television on the other hand, seems to go on too long, The Office came dangerously close to this, HIMYM clearly did this and others. HIMYM was an offender more than most because it had such a clear direction, since the very first episode we knew it was about a guy who would eventually meet the love of his life. This clear sense of direction became muddied as the seasons dragged on and more and more episodes felt like filler, to keep the story from finishing too quickly.

I want a mix, TV shows that don’t drag on, they know when they are done and finish properly, but at the same time, they go on long enough to reach their full potential instead of finishing too soon. That is in a perfect world however… who knows if that will ever happen.