The Somewhat Unexpected Lessons from University Life


The imagined library I thought every university had

I recently finished up my university career (in Political Science so my experience was probably slightly different than a science major, but bear with me) it was the usual length, 4 years to be exact. It was fraught with many perils, such as getting to class on time even with a head invaded by city workers hammering away. It was somewhat educational I will begrudgingly admit, although not in the way one might expect. I remember being a high school senior, ‘ruling’ the school and thinking I knew everything that was coming my way. HA! What an idiot!


What I assumed every university party would be like

I was a dope, a fool, a typical naive teenager.

I thought university was going to be like it was in the movies, going to class was mandatory, just like the parties, hangovers were something old people had and everything could be done the night before. University was a place to grow up and find yourself… right?

Well now I can say ‘based on experience’ unfortunately only some of what that foolish naive idiot thought was true.

University was a terrible amount of fun, that was true, but it was also not exactly the quiet hall of learning I was expecting.  The biggest thing I was wrong about was the way you would learn, you went to class and the prof explained things ONCE to the CLASS, if you didn’t understand, too bad. If you really wanted to understand, better hop on the google machine. The prof expected you to do the learning, in high school my teachers would help everyone figure each concept out, they made you understand. University profs could give a shit, it’s up to you. This leads into my second thought, university was not about learning facts and concepts, it was about learning how to learn. I remember probably less than half of what I actually needed to know to pass classes, that information was deleted to remember more important things, like what games are coming out in the coming months, I know valuable eh? My point is that I have been imbued with the gift of learning, I know how to research, how to understand things on my own, I don’t need a teacher any more. That’s the key.


A weeks worth of drinking between 5 of us (first year)

The other thing is that university is way more fun than I could have imagined. If you want to have a good time, you will! My first year was for the better part spent drinking, drinking some more and then enduring the nightmare hangover the next day. It was an awesome amount of fun though, and I have no regrets, I don’t drink like that anymore and I don’t want to, but back then we had a great time and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Basically all my stories from those days begin with “we were so drunk when…” or “that [blank] party…” or “that time we drank soooo much…” you get it. The years after were much the same, at least second and third. Lots of drinking, I won’t lie, the thing I learned the most about was drinking… That and lessons of the opposite sex.

But that is for another time. 😉

What was your university experience like? Similar or different? It doesn’t matter to me, I’m just a curious person, so give me some insight.

Mister Dom Hemingway

The one… the only… Dom Hemingway!

An… interesting movie to say the least. To say more, it is quite an adventure, following Dom (Jude Law) on his quest for payment and redemption after 12 years in prison. The obvious star is Dom, he is a fantastic character and perfectly acted by Jude Law, I loved his portrayal of the dynamite Dom Hemingway. The story is a decent one, but it felt like a way to show the different antics of Dom, this movie was built to show us Dom not necessarily to tell a story, or at least thats how it feels. The movie is ridiculous and wild, the first few minutes are Jude Law from the waste up discussing how amazing his penis is, while getting a blowjob. This sets the tone for the whole movie, which is a romp. It felt almost like a Guy Richie movie, although I think this is because of the character Dom, he would fit right in with Snatch or Lock Stock.

Even with a seeming lack of story the movie is still great, and I really enjoyed it. Dom is just way to much fun to watch, and this is true even when he isn’t doing something outrageous. The film is wonderfully written, the dialogue is awesome, listening to Dom spit slurs and insult is perfect. The way Dom talks is great, his accent mixed with a style of language that simply doesn’t suit him is most likely the reason for this. “I’m a peasant at heart, a petty serf, with nice hair and a strong liver” Dom claims, a perfect summation of the man, his eloquent speeches are beautiful and disgusting at the same time.

This mixture of language and brashness is somewhat representative of the whole movie, there are scenes of violence as well as scenes of hilarity and even some which are heartwarming (those come in the latter half). The story didn’t speak very strongly to me but that is simply my opinion, I think I was too caught up in the main character, he really does steal the show and it is so fun to watch him and applaud him for it.