Best Friends

I step in the door and she is waiting, her whines and cries warm my heart. She is always there for me, I tell her about my day and she listens patiently, her eyes staring at me. We go walking and play in the grass and trees running and chasing.

Two Friends

They follow one another everywhere, do everything together. They are inseparable, like siblings. They play and walk side by side, they even enjoy the same stick. They run together, sleep next to each other, they are true friends. They may be different but their friendship runs deeper, best friends forever.


The Search

I stare at the blank white,

Waiting and wishing for something to write,

Suddenly it comes to me,

My mind is illuminated as a

Epiphany is my saviour,

Words flow freely with fervour.

The curse is broken,

My mind is awoken.

Winters Grasp

I went for a walk the other day near my house. My goal was to capture Spring, and the rebirth of nature. However I was surprised to find winter’s grasp still clinging on, the snow and ice hiding in shadows. I decided to try and capture the last of Winter instead of the beginning of spring. Enjoy.






I look at her, she smiles, I can’t look away. Life is simple with her, life is for her, and without her I would be nothing, my life would be nothing. I need her, desire her, she is my perfection. Life is her. I hold her close, I love her.

Four Letters

A four letter word, can I say it?

It haunts me, she is always on my mind.

Her, without I feel empty, she gives me heart, a soul, meaning. I want to tell her with every fibre of me. Life left her, and she will never know, four letter word.


I open the door, already a smile on my face, I am home. I see her, a smile erupts on her face, then tears in her eyes, I bring her close. I can feel the weight in my pocket, I kneel and look up. She breaks, death leaves her lips.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty