Seeing and breathing the fresh air,

Taming nature and other impossibilities are contemplated,

Roaming the trees and finding adventure,

Obvious it seems, I have walked so many times before and never noticed,

Living, breathing, the woods are alive,

Large and small everything has its place.

A Game

A screen calls out to me,

Its cries are not unheard,

I move and sit calmly,

I will watch like the masses.


I sit in tension,

I cannot bear to tear myself,

Grasp is total, complete attention,

It holds me until the last second.


Finally I am free,

Thoughts return slowly,

Once again I am me,

Until the next episode.



Routine, rummage roughly, rest, realization.

Reality reckons, routine ruined, remember, reason.



Weekly Writing Challenge: Time For Poetry

I tried something new here, I have never attempted a poem that uses the same starting letter, but I used this weeks challenge as an opportunity to try something new.

A Sleepy Morn

The veil of darkness is slowly pulled back, dawn has arrived. Warmth, comfort and happiness surrounds me. These sheets will hold me forever, just as the warm body next to me does. A perfect moment, I enjoy it, lids close as sleep begins to take me again, beautiful dreams await.

Release Day

Joy, pure joy! Today, today has come! I leap from sleep, immediately awake at the prospect of the coming day. It has arrived, finally. I rush to the purchase, nothing else matters today. I arrive home, the screen is on before my coat is off. Time to play, happiness finally!


Gold, it sits upon his head. He sees all, his control is total. Our lives are his, subjects, serfs, rats, insignificant. We are his. Gold, it controls them. Change will come, Gold will not sit for long on his dome. Tonight, tonight it will fall, along with the regime. Tonight.

The Breath of The Ocean

The waves, they rise ever higher. The sea rolls, creaks and cracks erupt all around, the darkness of the deep overwhelms all. Wood splinters, and the endless black engulfs. The void welcomes us, our new home for eternity, we sleep soundly beneath the sky, beneath the waves, in the deep.


The Photographer

The watching, waiting, perfect stillness, then a perfect reward, the SNAP of the shutter.

Life, I watch and wait, ever ready for the next SNAP, I thirst for it, the desire higher than any other.

After each SNAP, relief washes over me, soon though the urge returns.  I am addicted.


I look at her, she smiles, I can’t look away. Life is simple with her, life is for her, and without her I would be nothing, my life would be nothing. I need her, desire her, she is my perfection. Life is her. I hold her close, I love her.

The Test

I sit here, staring, blank. My mind, so focused on the world in front of my eyes, I cannot tear myself away. Thoughts elude me, time slows to a crawl. I keep staring, hoping, willing for something to happen. I look away and time jumps, minutes soar by. Pass. Fail?

Four Letters

A four letter word, can I say it?

It haunts me, she is always on my mind.

Her, without I feel empty, she gives me heart, a soul, meaning. I want to tell her with every fibre of me. Life left her, and she will never know, four letter word.