The Secret Life of Who?


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, ever heard of it? I did a while back when it came to theatres, I didn’t give it much thought, I saw the trailer and wasn’t terribly impressed. I noticed it was out, so I watched it, and low and behold it was actually quite a good movie. I’m not the biggest fan of Ben Stiller, but this movie was great and he was great. It was an awesome adventure and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good entertaining movie.

Even though it is a bit of a slow start, trust me it gets better. Some of the scenery and nature shots in this movie really got to me. I wanted to get up and travel, this movie makes you want to have adventures and see the world, to stop living a boring life. I think this was the main point Stiller was trying to get across but at least for me it really resonated.

I also didn’t realize this was directed by Stiller, DAM! He can f”*king direct, I don’t know if it is his first time but he did a great job. If this movie is any indication of his skill he should stop acting altogether and start directing. I honestly never thought he was much of an actor anyways.

Tell me what your thinking! I need to know... to survive!

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