Novelling: The Block

Based on previous posts you may know that I have been struggling to write lately. The block has become a wall, one that I have yet to surmount. The odd thing is, I know what I want to write. I’m currently working on a chapter, which I have totally planned out, I managed to get about halfway through and ran into the wall. Last week I had a day where I basically sat in front of the screen knowing what I wanted to write but the words did not come.

It has been very odd. So I turned to YouTube and blogs, what have other writers been using to get over the wall? Based on my not so extensive research I have figured out that most successful writers tend to figure out there own method that works best for them. Some use planning and deadlines, they have to hit a daily wordcount. Some write other things as a distraction to warm up their fingers and minds. Some outline in even more detail until the block is worked through.

I haven’t used or tried any yet. The block still persists. However I watched a lecture by an author and I really want to try what he said. He said to set achievable goals (it’s what he did to finish his book). So during a time of block instead of trying to set wordcounts or planning intricate outlines, set a more simple achievable goal. Write something. Write a sentence or a paragraph or a page. But just write something.

So I’m going to try that.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Novelling: The Block

  1. I think I use a combination of all of the above but I think the most important one is to ‘allow your writing to be rubbish’.
    It may go against your instincts but it is much easier to edit a bunch of words into a masterpiece than it is to write one from scratch.
    I do quite a lot of plotting so I know what I am going to write each day and I set achievable wordcounts so I quite often overachieve. Even if I don’t hit the target, it’s easy to recover the next day.
    Scrivener’s word count tool is a brilliantly simple way to motivate yourself to hit your targets.
    Some days my work is good, some days less so but I’m confident that it will all come together in the edit.

    *I should be editing now but I’m reading your blog!

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    • I agree with you, I have to remember not to worry about the quality during a lull. It’s so easy to get hung up on and distracted by those small issues that are relatively easy to fix in an edit.
      I think I’m glad that you are using my blog as a distraction. Haha.


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